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    Male Sex Problems

    Impotence, early discharge, Semen discharge during sleep...
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    Dyspareunia, Small, Breast Enlargement.
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    Ayurveda is a wholistic system of medicine from India.
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    Improve Sexual Performance

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Male Infertility
Male infertility or the inability for a man to have child is on the rise in India. The reasons for this condition can include various things including hormonal imbalance, reduction of sperm count, testicular injuries, obesity and bad lifestyle choices like abuse of drugs, excessive intake of alcohol and unhealthy eating habits.
The strain and anxiety that male infertility causes in a marriage can lead to problems not only in their relationship but can also lead to tension in the family in general. The person suffering from this condition can often feel
humiliated and depressed, and the pressure he feels due to his family and friends can sometimes lead him to seek help from dubious sources like medical quacks etc and spend large amounts of money on treatment that is ineffective and in some cases be harmful to his health.
We at Dr. Iqbal Clinic specialize in treating male infertility by using non surgical and non invasive methods. We have successfully treated scores of patients become fathers with the help of 100% Herbal medicines.
Our treatment ensures faster recovery time and typical results or improvements start showing often after the first month of the treatment itself in most cases.
To know if our male infertility treatment is right for you, just click on the link below to get your online consultation with Dr. Iqbal and take the first step to end your frustration on the inability to conceive a child.
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