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FAQ and Myths
Sexual myths and misconceptions leading to anxiety are the most common sexual problems. The common myths relating to various aspects of sex and sexuality are handed down from one generation to another and many people imagine more problems than they actually have.
Q) What is Brahmacharya?
A) Brahma in Sanskrit means Atma or soul and charya means search, Brahmacharya is search of a soul.
Q) Is sex safe during pregnancy?
A) Usually, a healthy woman can safely indulge in sexual activity during pregnancy. However, coitus should be avoided if there is pain and/or bleeding at any stage. If a woman has had an abortion in the first three months in the past, coitus during the first trimester should be avoided. In the second trimester, coitus is contraindicated if the woman has a history of 'habitual abortion' because the incompetent cervical of the mouth of the uterus. In the last trimester i.e. from the seventh month to labour, one may safely indulge in sexual activity till the last day of delivery by altering the coital position so as to ensure that direct weight does not fall on the foetus. It must be remembered that if for any reason intercourse is forbidden during pregnancy, the woman must avoid reaching orgasm by any other means including masturbation. In fact, the contractions of the uterus following masturbation intercourse. An obstetrician may be consulted regarding indulgence in sexual activity during pregnancy, as each case needs to be evaluated individually in so far as any possible contraindication or modification needs to be made.
Q) What is virginity?
A) The word 'virgin' means one who has not had sexual intercourse, which can be verified by an intact hymen. However, a girl whose hymen is intact may have had intercourse; whereas a girl who has never had intercourse may not have an intact hymen. The idea of chastity and virginity needs to be clarified. There are virgin individuals who are not chaste and chaste individuals who are not physiologically virgin.
Q) Why do people feel weak after sleep emissions?
A) Post emission weakness is largely psychological. Right from childhood the idea has been drilled into our minds that the genitals are special and anything coming out of it is equally special. This misconception about the value of semen adds further anxiety in an individual leading to neurathenic symptoms. In fact, the calories lost during a sleep emission are equivalent to a glass of limejuice!
Q) What is the 'Dhat' syndrome?
A) Sometimes men pass a whitish fluid with urine or whilst straining at stools. The belief that this fluid is semen/dhat is called the 'Dhat' syndrome. This is not a disease and it would not be inappropriate to say that it exists only in the mind of the beholder. The physiological sphincter at the neck of the urinary bladder always remains closed and opens only when one is passing urine. Thus, it ensures that normally urine and semen do not mix i.e. normally one cannot pass semen and urine together. Sometimes, a physiological alteration in the urinary solution may change the appearance of urine, making it whitish which is mistaken to be semen by mistaken to be semen by misinformed individuals. In reality, the whitish discharge is largely the secretion of the urethral and prostate glands. When a man squats in the toilet and exerts a little pressure, the pressure is relayed from the rectum to the urethra and a few drops of sticky white secretion accumulate, coalesce and trickle down. The phenomenon is akin to there being ten drops of perspiration and on being joined by the eleventh trickle down . In my opinion, this misconception is prevalent in our country because of squatting toilet habits, as people tend to look down and see the sticky substance which they presume to be semen. In developed countries , most people use western style commodes, so they look straight ahead. Hence, what the eyes do not see, the mind does not perceive!
Q) Does the reduced consistency of semen indicate sexual inadequacy?
A) No. The consistency of semen may vary as it depends upon several factors like the period of abstinence, the intensity of stimulation etc. However, as a man grows older, the consistency of semen does thin out, but this has nothing to do with the individual's sexuality.
Q) Is semen vital? Does dissipation of semen devitalize a man and promotes aging?
A) Semen is being secreted day in and day out by the genital apparatus for erection and can not be stored indefinitely even if one wants to do so. Barring conception, semen is not vital. Moreover, sperms constitute less than one percent of the total seminal fluid and the rest is the secretion of the accessory sexual glands, prostate and seminal vesicles. The notion that one drop of semen is equal to a hundred drops of blood which in turn requires a lot of nourishing food is one of the most common sexual myths prevalent.
Q) What is the normal length of the erect penis to satisfy a woman?
A) Concern about penise size is as old as the human race. The width, length and erection of the penis vary from one male to another, as does the length of the nose, the depth and spacing of the eyes and the width of the forehead. The average sexual length of the vagina is about 15 cm. And only the outer third (5 cm) has the maximum nerve endings. The inner two-thirds (10 cm) is virtually insensitive. This leads to the conclusion that if a man wants to arouse his female partner he should concentrate on the area of maximum nerve endings i.e. the outer lips (labia majora) and the outer third i.e. the outer 5 cm of the vagina. Therefore, for female sexual gratification, the size of the erect penis could be anything from 5 cm plus. Penise size is unimportant for female satisfaction and the size of the penis seems important only to those women who harbor the myth that a man with a large penis can satisfy his woman better than a man with a smaller one!
Q) Is the width of the penis important?
A) Not really. The vagina is highly elastic. It can expand from the size of a little finger to that of a baby's head. The vagina distends according to the width and size of the inserted penis.
Q) Is there any relation between the size of the body and the size of the sex organs?
A) No.
Q) Can a smaller penis lead to conceptive inadequacy?
A) No.
Q) Is the penis usually inclined to the left?
A) Yes. This is true for a majority of men. This is so perhaps because the left testis is lower than the right. Therefore, while wearing under garments, most men adjust their penis on the left side as enough space exists on the left side as compared to the right.