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    Male Sex Problems

    Impotence, early discharge, Semen discharge during sleep...
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    Female Sexual Problems

    Dyspareunia, Small, Breast Enlargement.
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    About Ayurveda

    Ayurveda is a wholistic system of medicine from India.
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    Improve Sexual Performance

    We Provide Best Treatment...
About Us
Our clinic the Ikbal Clinic is one of the best, most modern and unique clinics of the world. In which we provide Ayurvedic treatment to all kinds of venereal diseases by our rich experience.
We keep all the things in mind very seriously and constantly according to the condition of patients, nature, age etc while provide potential treatment & remedies treatment incurable diseases to the patients. So that the patients can get rid of their diseases as earliest possible. That’s why the patients come to our clinic from far distance.
We provide the pure and real, useful and beneficial ayurvedic treatment and medications to the patients in whom we use ancient secrets, methods and techniques of ayurved. So it is 100% guarantee of our treatment to get rid of your disease and be healthy and energetic.Spermatorrhoea , Nightfall, Impotency, Premature Ejaculation etc venereal diseases are not incurable, so the patients suffering from such diseases should not be disappointed or depressed . By taking proper consultancy & vital medication by experience doctors.
Our Ayurvedic treatment stands apart from other system of medicines because of its enlargement, way of approach & the well developed treatment methods. It is not the sin to suffer from such diseases. So should never be hesitated . Infact it is our aim to provide right guidance and advice to the sad and hopeless patients. So that they can get rid of negative thinking and can live happy, healthy and prosperous life.
By : "Dr.IQBAL Ji"
B.A.M.S. Ayurvedacharya